Construim case pasive și case nZEB, după proiectul clientului, de peste 20 de ani oriunde in Europa.

Dorna Residential

Construction of houses on a wooden structure, insulated, to order!

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Your home or extension,

Our goal is to create ecological and sustainable wooden houses and cabins, using software and state-of-the-art technical solutions, structures compatible at the same time with the increasingly high requirements in terms of material quality and thermal performance, but also flexible, so that it is the right answer for a wide range of specific requests.

Dorna Rezidential type wooden structure houses, known as "timber frame", thus represent the solution for both classic and passive constructions and lend themselves to any interior finishes or external.

We establish the elements supplied and assembled by Dorna Eco House together, so that the final estimate includes strictly what is requested of us, there being the option of self-assembly, but also of providing certain materials for which we provide the labor.

Contact us and benefit from our customized solutions for your project!

Our technical and commercial staff are always at your disposal.

Delivery variants:

1. Insulated, watertight structures with exterior finishes

CE and ISO certified solid wood and layered wood structure, framework, insulation, carpentry exterior, exterior finishes and all the auxiliary materials required for installation are part of the Dorna Eco House offer and are made according to the client's architectural project. We can carry out the constructions in any phase, according to the request, in any location in Europe, up to the stage where the installations can be made.

2. Wood Kit Structures

The "wood kit" variant includes the wooden structure of the house together with all the solid or laminated wood elements included in the project.

We can deliver at this stage, with and without assembly, along with execution and assembly plans made with CadWork 3D. The structures are flexible, therefore you can choose the sections and the component materials yourself.

House models

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