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About Dorna Eco House

We haven’t just built houses, we have also made dreams come true

Our story, in which wood plays the key role, started 14 years ago, when we decided to inspire people to choose a natural way of living – in wooden houses. At the end of the day, men have always found their true inspiration in the middle of nature. And a wooden home can load us with nature’s energy during each moment spent inside it.

We are an experienced company on the European market of wooden houses, which has expanded due to its passion and professionalism. We build houses and other wooden construction both as a kit and carpentry works, as well as turnkey projects. 

We are aware that building a house is a one lifetime event, involving a tremendous amount of energy and invested emotions, because each and every one of us wants to build a truly representative home.  That’s exactly why we’ll accompany you in every step you take, from the design stage to the moment of final reception.

Whether you already have a project of your future home or decide to accept our project proposal drafted according to your needs and wishes, the Dorna Eco House craftsmen will build, with great skill and experience, a durable and nature inspired wooden home. Its details will be mutually agreed on and specified in the contract so that the final product can meet your expectations.  

We bring the experience gained on the European market of wooden construction in the Romanian space, to raise up to the standard of the national market.  

Pros for Choosing Dorna Eco Houses

Wood Structure Kits and Turnkey Homes

The kit comprises all the project’s carefully selected elements made of spruce tree, including joinery, and the turnkey house comprises the completely finished construction. We can do both, depending on the client’s desire.

We Warrant the Durability

Wooden houses have a life expectancy of up to 100 years. Dorna Eco House ensures a 10-year warranty and post-warranty service, provided the beneficiaries observe the maintenance conditions.

Maintenance Services on Request

To maintain the quality of the wooden house, we can get involved in the periodic reconditioning of the finishing, the verification of the joinery tightness and the interior condition of the house.

Delivery Anywhere in Europe

We have built wooden houses and houses on wooden structures all over Europe: from French clients who prefer the PoteauPoutre style, to those from Spain who prefer the Mediterranean style. In case of deliveries and executions in Europe, DornaEcoHouse observes with the same accuracy the delivery, mounting and technical specifications terms stipulated in the contract.

Product Variety

We work according to the beneficiary’s project. We can execute a customized design for any house, depending on the client’s project (design, constructive types and finishing). If the beneficiaries doesn’t have a wooden house project, they can consult our portfolio of suggested models. And because we have never built two identical homes, the selected model will be customized depending on the client’s needs and desires.

Dorna Eco Park

You can check out the quality of our products by visiting our Dorna Eco Park exhibit.

Still Hesitating?

Browse our wooden houses portfolio to choose a model that fits your project.

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You Already Have a Project?

Tell us a few details on what you want from your future wooden house and we’ll give you an estimate of the required project.

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