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Multiple Variants to Live a Natural Life – 6 Constructive Types for Wooden Houses

1. The constructive type - Dorna Lamelar

Living in such a house is a unique life experience. It is impressive due to its building method, using a complex technology that combines the naturalness of wood with the perfection of execution and finishing. 

Thus type of house is the best sold model of ecological house in Europe, being made up of stratified beams – rectangular or semi-round on the outside – with outer walls of 70/100/120/140mm, with or without insulation on the inside. In these wooden houses, surrounded by the wood texture and flavor, you will always feel at home.

PRICE ESTIMATION for Dorna Lamelar

2. The constructive type - Dorna Residence

These wooden houses have invaded the residential areas near the great European cities. To build them we combine solid wood with stratified structures (beams) for floors, as well as light concrete floor, supported by uncovered beams.

In the end we have a perfect combination between the solid wood structure, OSB, modern and classic finishing (with uncovered wood). Thus, we get a resistant, safe and reliable house that ensures a healthy life style. 

PRICE ESTIMATION for Dorna Residence

3. The constructive type - Dorna Natur

Choose the natural way of living. Choose the most traditional model of wooden houses. Such a house no longer requires insulation, being made 90% using manual technologies of round solid wood (logs) or calibrated wood. The versatility of logs as a construction material facilitates the creation of a modern architecture.


4. The constructive type - Dorna Cristal

Let nature  fill your house. The classic outer walls of wooden houses will be replaced by glass surfaces. Wherever you are, in the living, kitchen or bedroom, you will feel part of the surrounding landscape.   

Wood and glass, high-end finishing, high-performance technologies for the microclimate, alternative energies, computerized surveillance, remote controlled blinds and curtains, architectural lightning, all these add up to create an impressive construction, in which the relationship between man and nature keeps its strength each moment. You will enjoy a unique and one of a kind living experience.  

For the design of the glass spaces that are an outstanding feature of the Dorna Cristal constructive type, we use double, triple or quadruple glazed windows. Furthermore, for the uniqueness of the future house, we can also add elements from other constructive types, such as Dorna Residence or Dorna Lamelar.

PRICE ESTIMATION for Dorna Cristal

5. The constructive type - Dorna Poteau Poutre

The French technique Poteau Poutre offers freedom of creation and exceptional luminosity due to its ease of integrating large glass surfaces and the spectacular look ensured by the large beams and pillars. Because the structure remains in sight, the wood is carefully selected and we pay a particular attention to the joints between the structural elements, the joinery elements and the finishing touches. The outer walls that fit into this structure can be of the .DornaResidence or Dorna Lamelar type. The choice is yours!

PRICE ESTIMATION for Dorna Poteau Poutre

6. The constructive type - Dorna Industrial

Together with our partner, Mitek, we offer you the technology that allows the creation of roof shapes for all construction categories. This constructive system offers efficient and long-lasting solutions for buildings that initially might seem impossible to build out of wood. The advantages of this system are:  

  • Improved distribution of loads on site, which allows a lighter weight on walls and foundations;
  • Complete safety in setting and mounting the wood elements (the equivalent of the multi-point welding of metal, this time in wood);  
  • Design speed;
  • The elimination, in specific cases, of rafters, panes and even separating walls. 
  • A decrease of production costs by eliminating wood losses;  
  • Complete delivery of the system by the manufacturer, without unexpected events; 
  • No on-site adjustments are necessary.

All these advantages make the framework safer, more spacious, price attractive as compared to traditional technology, the exact costs being known as early as the estimation stage.  

Thus we can build:

  • industrialized frameworks,
  • prefab structures for roofs,
  • prefab roof trusses,
  • pools,
  • halls,
  • large restaurants and terraces,
  • upper stories for blocks of flats,
  • churches
  • other construction that require large openings and preclude the use of pillars.  
PRICE ESTIMATION for Dorna Industrial

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