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We know that you need more details to take the decision to build a wooden house. That is why we are available for all your questions.

Is the wood dry?

Yes! The wood used by our company to build houses is brought to a humidity of 8%-14%, depending on its use (indoors or outdoors). The process is partially natural and completed in drying chambers controlled by means of specialized software.

Does the wood crack or gets distorted in time?

No! The stratified wood used to build the Dorna Eco houses doesn’t crack or change in time.  

What joinery do you use?

Any type of joinery. For the outside, PVC wood joinery, double or triple glazed and for the interior solid, MDF or HDF.  

Is the wood treated?

Yes! The wood is treated against fire, pests and mold. For the treatment against fire we use  MAGMA FIRESTOP, and for mold and pests we use Bochemit PLUS.

How does the outer wall behave in rain or sun?

Because the wood is treated and painted with liquid wax paint (various colors), the wood preserves its original look for many years.  

How can wood be colored?

The wood is colored with a translucent or opaque coat, the color being selected by the beneficiary. 

How is the thermal insulation made for houses?

The thermal insulation is made with ecological materials, basalt wool, wood fibers, with different destinations.

Can wooden houses be used in any season as regular living spaces?

80%-90% of the population of the most developed countries (Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland) live in wooden houses.

How do wooden houses resist to earthquakes?

Dorna Eco houses resist to an earthquake of 10° Richter.

What is the lifespan of wooden houses?

Wooden houses have a lifespan of up to 100 years. Dorna Eco House provides a 10-year warranty and post-warranty service provided that the clients observe the maintenance conditions of the houses.   

How long does it take to build a house once the contract is signed?

The manufacturing process takes 1 month and mounting between 1 month and 1 and ½ months. Therefore, a house is built in approx. two and a half months once the contract is signed.

How is the execution – structure design made?

Execution designs are made by our designers.

Who draws up the project for the Building Permit (the building permit stage)?

The project for the Building Permit can be drawn up by an architect employed by the beneficiary or by Dorna Eco House.

Where can we see a house built by Dorna Eco House?

In Vatra Dornei or, depending on the region/country you live in, we can communicate the address our houses built by us.  

How long does the mounting of a house take? 

For instance, for a 150 sg.m. houses, the Dorna Residence type, for mounting the structure it takes approx. 20-30 days with 4 people. For the same surface, for the  Dorna Masiv construction type, the Kit Wood + Joinery option, we need around 20-30 days as well.