Construim case pasive și case nZEB, după proiectul clientului, de peste 20 de ani oriunde in Europa.

Dorna Camping and Modular

Customized solutions for public or private investments

Dorna Eco House aims to become a reliable partner for all those who are looking for a manufacturer of wooden structures offering building unique, custom projects.

Active for almost 20 years, our team today has the experience and know-how to meet your requirements, so that we can tailor optimal technical solutions, meeting any challenge with commitment and exploring unlimited possibilities, the realisation of which is supported by continuous research and development in the field in which we work.


Bungalows and garden sheds

True wooden jewels, cozy, intimate and warm, these projects can have many uses. Write to us and show us what you want, or ask our team for projects to inspire you!

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Timber-frame structures

Modular timber buildings are almost entirely factory-built and are assembled on site either individually or combined, with a wide range of foundation options.

The modular structure is intended for a wide range of uses, from small houses, called tiny-house, to restaurants or hotels. A module can thus represent a room, kitchen, part of a restaurant or lounge, reception or even a small, fully equipped house.

Fabrication and assembly in a controlled, indoor environment not only allows for optimal perimeters, but also increases the overall efficiency of the project. Avoiding long construction sites, often unfavourable environmental factors, and risks that are sometimes impossible to mitigate, results in a high-performance product, produced after thorough quality control. You can choose any type of interior and exterior finish, and we can adapt the insulation and joinery to your requirements!

Once manufactured, the modules are delivered on-site, and if you chose the turnkey version, all that remains is to decorate!
It is also important to take into account that the module sizes are limited by certain transport rules and their width and height must not exceed 3 metres.

Contact us for any further details!

Turnkey wooden caravans

Discover these charming treasures, which are made with a rigorous selection process and constant attention to detail.

Wooden caravans are habitable all year round, offering not only comfort and privacy, but also the peace of mind of a well-made investment, allowing you to enjoy both time with yourself and the joy of good company.

Whatever their destination, caravans can be customised in terms of fittings and finishes, so that we can work together on exactly the project you need.

Once manufactured, the trailers are delivered to the construction site, where they only need to be mounted on the previously prepared plots, connected to the already prepared installations.

Terrace and outdoor options are also available, so feel free to contact us for further details!

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House models

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Are you looking for a factory-partner for long-term cooperation? Contact us and together we will find the best solutions for your business!

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