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The myths of a wooden house. Clarifications and explanations.

Firma constructii cabane din lemn

There are countless myths and misconceptions about wooden houses that prevent people who want to build a wooden house from fulfilling their dream. Over the years we have heard quite a few ideas about building or maintaining a wooden house and we would like to clarify a few aspects that can be vital in making a decision about your future home.

Wooden houses are cheaper

People who are not yet familiar with modern technologies and the costs involved in building a wooden house think that a wooden house is much cheaper to build than a concrete or ACC house. They end up giving up on their dream of owning such a house when they realise that the difference between these types of construction is minimal, when in fact, wooden houses end up being much cheaper than standard houses over time because the investment made is recovered over time.

Fire is the main enemy of wooden houses

The materials used in the construction of such a house have fire retardant properties and the solution with which the wood is treated delays its ignition by about 90 minutes. The electrical installation is also built in such a way that it does not allow a fire to break out due to the disconnection of the main power supply at the slightest spark. But in order to maintain maximum protection, the wood must be treated with the fire retardant solution repeatedly at certain times.

Mites are the second enemy of wooden houses

The wood used in the construction is also treated with insect fungicide. Insects also only appear in wood in the presence of moisture, when the wood is in direct contact with the soil. But since the log was cut, contact with the soil is broken and the humidity gradually decreases, so that by the time the house is completed, it is below 5%.

Wood creaks

This phenomenon only occurs when the wood has not been sufficiently dried, when it is not perfectly straightened or when the joints between the pieces are not perfect, enabling the pieces to move. This is not the case for the houses built by DornaEcoHouse. Our craftsmen process the wood patiently and according to current standards to avoid any construction defects.

Wooden houses are only suitable for temporary accommodation

We beg to differ. Wood is one of the most durable and versatile materials. That's why it is suitable for permanent constructions, such as residential or holiday homes. We follow the stages of wood processing - drying, planing -, sorting and treatment to transform it from a raw material into one of the most versatile building materials. Wood also has an elastic behaviour, with a capacity to absorb mechanical shocks that does not allow for warping and cracking.

In case there is any other unclear information about wooden houses that we have not covered in this article, you can contact us for a detailed answer.