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Why living in wooden houses is healthier

Living in a natural home is particularly beneficial for the psyche and the body's natural biorhythm. We live in a society full of stress and problems, and mornings started in a home like this are a good way to recharge your batteries for a new day without spending money.

Beyond the special aesthetics that fascinate at every moment and the increased comfort that wooden houses or furniture offer you, the material that comes directly from nature is very beneficial for your health. Compared to a classic house, the atmosphere in a wooden house is more airy, hence the lack of allergens, damp and humidity that damage the construction and the health of the inhabitant.

According to research conducted by Planet Ark, wood offers multiple benefits to the human mind and body, including:

The fibrous structure of the tree also helps to supply the space you live in with fresh air. Because wood is a porous material, air from outside penetrates inside through the wood fibres and is naturally filtered. And, if you suffer from insomnia or respiratory system problems, it's important to know that the resin inside the wood will give your home a unique natural wood aroma that will have a beneficial effect on your health.

Let's not forget that many building materials cause allergies, especially in children. But wood is absolutely non-polluting. Moreover, 23% less pollutants are emitted in the production of raw materials for the construction of a timber-frame house than for the raw materials of the usual classes: steel, ACC or concrete.

Thus, we believe that the harmony and lack of health risk factors in a wooden house place it among the top choices when it comes to choosing an ideal home for your family.