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9 perfect types of wood for house building

Wood has been used as a building material for thousands of years, and is still used today to build furniture, houses and decorative accessories because of its versatility. But, what are the most suitable types of wood we can use in building these elements? In general, wood is noted for its durability and optimal insulation against cold, but depending on the species, it has certain specific characteristics.


It is an excellent raw material for furniture making, where it is most often used because of its aesthetics and strength. It is also used in the structure of balconies, floors, stairs or exterior and interior joinery. It has superior flexible qualities despite its durable nature, but needs to be dried slowly to avoid tearing.


True wood connoisseurs value this hardwood for its strength and durability. It is resistant to warping, can be bent and finished in various ways, accepting varnishes and paints on its surface. This is why it is mainly used for the production of solid wood furniture, veneers, cabinets, panelling and decorative wooden elements. Thanks to its complex fibres and chocolate-brown colour, the walnut piece will convey a distinguished air. Thus, its perfect qualities place it in a category of luxury and refinement.


A room finished with this type of wood acquires a special atmosphere because cedar wood is calming, eliminates stress, improves mood and vitality. The high elasticity of wood allows the production of any type of constructions, and it is extremely easy to process in different directions.

Due to its high natural resistance to mould, damp, insects and rot, as well as its high thermal insulation capacity, it can be used in exterior construction or on the walls of wooden houses. Its additional advantages are that it does not splinter, does not squeak, has low specific weight and high mechanical strength. Moreover, it has high durability and very little change with temperature variations.


Cypress is an increasingly exploited wood for flooring because it is resistant to moisture and ideal for flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Its undulated fibres, black rings and colours ranging from cream to light brown make it perfect for making furniture pieces or decorative wood elements in the home.

Cherry tree

This wood with its fine texture and reddish hue is a perfect match for elegant furniture pieces. It does not require painting, but can be varnished or stained. Cherry wood is extremely easy to work, fast to glue, good nail strength, low stiffness and high impact resistance. It is often used in the construction of panelling, flooring, chairs or artful veneers because it sands very easily, leaving a smooth surface, and its straight or undulated fibres give it a distinctive appearance.


Its resistance to sun, moisture and the passage of time makes it an excellent material for furniture. It is considered an expensive material and is used for the manufacture of luxury furniture, but also in the finishing of certain exclusive pieces. It is generally straight ribbed and does not contain air bubbles. Its reddish-brown colour, which darkens with age, makes it attractive and perfect for traditional-style home furnishings. It is also recommended to lay mahogany flooring as it is easy to maintain.

Fir tree

This soft wood has the advantage of drying quickly and is easy to process for civil or hydraulic structures, ordinary joinery or veneer plywood. For any exterior use, appropriate treatments are required to protect the wood and prevent the build-up of aggressive agents.


It is popular in internal and external construction and is easy to dry and process. Although it is prone to deformation, it is durable under water, resistant to acids and alkalis and easily treated with septic substances. Compared to fir, it sticks better and dries easily, quickly and without defects.

Pine tree

It is used in the construction of timber-frame house structures and garden furniture. It has the greatest adaptability to heat, frost or precipitation and is harder than spruce. Because of its low durability to fungi and insects, this type of wood requires treatment if used for exterior elements.

The rustic look of pine and its light colour give more warmth and individuality to the furniture pieces, so they are ideal for children's rooms or other rooms where they have a simple architecture.

Each type of wood has a distinct personality conferred by its functional and aesthetic characteristics. For your future home, it is advisable to choose the essence that best meets your requirements. If you have any questions, you can always contact us