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Wood in the leading role of interior design

Wood - a material loved by many. With its variety of species offering flexibility in any interior design, with its scent and texture that transport you directly into nature, wood has a unique character and presence, giving personality to any home.

But what are the interior design styles in which wood plays a leading role in the form of furniture, walls or floors?

1. Rustic design

Do you want to connect with nature and recharge your energy? Then you'll fit perfectly into a home with a rustic design. The shades of pine, fir or oak wood, with knots and imperfections add authenticity and give a pleasant, intimate atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and protected at all times.

The whole colour scheme is inspired by the natural world. This picture should not be without river stone and floorboards with wide or long slats for a successful rustic effect

The beams are the central element of the ceiling of this type of fireplace. When it comes to arrangement, you have two options: either polish the beams and planks and leave the entire ceiling exposed, or, if you want a stylised arrangement, you can cover the space between the beams to leave only the beams visible.

Solid wood furniture fits perfectly into such a home. For example, a dining table made from a piece of coarse oak around the edges will add warmth to a dining room or kitchen.

2. Scandinavian design

Some might think that Scandinavian style is all about the furniture you buy from IKEA, but it's much more than that. The rooms are simple, functional and minimalist, and the warmth of the home is given by the presence of wood in its natural version and the bright palette of colours: blue, red, green, cream, grey, purple.

Lemnul de fag sau mesteacăn nefinisat reprezintă un element cheie al acestui stil și este inclus în spațiile largi, luminoase, aerisite, cu pardoseli și plafoane albe ca inserții atât în elementele de mobilier art deco, cât și în pereții locuinței. Când vine vorba de mobilierul din lemn în stil scandinav, acesta conține linii drepte, delicate, ușor curbate și poate fi realizat din lemn cu patină.

So, if you're not looking to load up your home with heavy decorative elements, but only what's functional and necessary, then Scandinavian style suits you best.

3. Traditional design

This interior design style is versatile, offering the possibility of combining with other styles. In this case, the wood has deep colour tones, which are often provided by cherry, mahogany or maple essence.

The architectural elements of the wood feature elegant and elaborate details, characterised by straight and rounded lines that are interspersed with curved edges that make you think of small works of art.

Traditional furniture is carved, finished and lacquered to inspire elegance and is often complemented by delicate antiques containing wooden inserts. This style suits detail-oriented people who seek to incorporate elegance into every aspect of their lives.

4. Asian design

From the first moment you step into an Asian-style house, you will be overcome by a state of calm and inner tranquillity. The basic principle of this type of interior design is balance. And the wooden floors and bamboo accessories that replace the curtains blend perfectly with the exotic colour palette inspired directly from nature

Among the defining elements of Asian style, where wood plays a decisive role, are low furniture, shelves or sliding doors made of thin strips of wood that immerse your home in nature. Of course, there's no shortage of wood ceiling inserts or detailed finished beams left exposed.

5. Eclectic design

It is a style in which good taste and interior design talent can be showcased because it creates a balanced mix of individual objects with special charm that, at first glance, cannot be combined in the same space. And wood can always be included in such a play of textures and colours with other elements that don't seem to match it. However, there are three types in which wood predominates.

In elegant eclectic style, furniture pieces and architectural details of traditional design are combined with modern elements such as glass, porcelain or glossy pale surfaces. The effect is WOW, worthy of an original home.

When you say vintage, you inadvertently think of incorporating wood into your home's design. And the vintage eclectic style combines old-looking wood found in furniture, staircases or even floors with modern decorative elements, all in a charming, minimalistic setting.

We end this journey into the world of interior design with the rustic eclectic style, because it is irresistible precisely due to the worn feeling it offers. Here, wood, glass and chrome elements meet in a balanced arrangement that gives personality to any room.